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Le Voyage de l'Humanité

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Le Voyage de l'Humanité is a multimedia installation piece that pays homage to humanity’s long-standing fascination with the unknown. The piece depicts both real and imaginative cosmic explorations throughout history, projected upon the exterior of a standard sedan. The images appear to permeate from the vehicle, orchestrated by the bustling soundscape of a shuttle launch.


Among the featured images are Nichelle Nichols in her iconic role as Star Trek’s original Uhura, and groundbreaking NASA engineer Mae C. Jemison, the first Black American woman to travel into space. Their presence serves as powerful models for POC scientists and youth, after a long-standing erasure of Black contributions to science. 


The images are programmed through a three-dimensional projection mapping software, allowing them to conform to the edges of the vehicle. Through the use of technology, an everyday object built for everyday journeys meets the shared memory of our species' greatest astronomical feats, calling forth the dreams of millennia before us. Audience members are left to ponder not only the momentum of their own lives, but also the ways in which they represent a single piece of the broader journey: le voyage de l'humanité.

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