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What They Carried

What They Carried is a multi-channel, interactive video installation that explores intergenerational memory and diaspora following the Louisiana Creole participation in the Great Migration. The work deals directly with the shared experiences of the artist’s relatives currently residing in Los Angeles, as they reflect upon the journey of the artist’s father and grandmother, who migrated there from New Orleans in the 1950’s.


Oral history, fragments of memories and family portraiture are unveiled to viewers, covering broad topics from the cultural significance of food to the complications of race. The viewer’s own shadow is cast upon a portrait of the artist’s face when approaching the work, which becomes the window through which history is revealed. This reflects the artist’s own desire to recall their elusive family history as a West Coast-born Creole and creates an atmosphere of discovery as viewers navigate this under-documented and systemically erased history in an intimate way. These elements work together to create a space of remembrance, discovery, and reflection.

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